Much has been written about planning to retire and being retired, including what I have written for The Confident Retirement Journey and other articles.  However, until now I have seen little about actually making the tricky transition between announcing your retirement and actually retiring.  Nancy Collamer, the Work & Purpose Blogger for has some very insightful comments in her post entitled Top 10 List:  Lessons From Letterman's Retirement.  Dave retired from his late-night talk show after a 33-year run, and here are some pointers she gleaned from his interviews and recent shows.

My four favorites are listed below, but it is definitely worth reading her full article and the explanations that accompany all 10 items. My top four:   

 9.  Acknowledge that your role at work will shift after you announce your retirement.

 8.  Respect your successor's lead.

 6.  Get ready to answer those annoying "What's next?" questions.

 1.  Trust in your future.


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