One year ago this week the books rolled off the presses.  Over 200 news organizations posted the press release, including  It was a slow news day, so Reuters posted my photo on its building in Times Square.  Looking back, it’s been quite a year.  Sales were slow at first, but they picked up dramatically after favorable reviews in the press, especially the Wall Street Journal.  Sales remain steady, far exceeding what I thought would be possible. 


My big disappointment with The Confident Retirement Journey has been getting the brick and mortar stores to carry it.  However, other financial advisors, law firms, repeat purchasers, an educational retirement foundation, and online retailers have more than made up for it.  Amazon, for one, has been an amazing partner.


Will there be a new edition?  Maybe, but not just yet.  I’m still recovering from the First Edition, often wondering how I pulled it off.  Other than a handful of non-material updates of statistics, the concepts remain timely and valid.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me make the Confident Retirement Journey a success.

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