I subscribe to several retirement planning blogs and Twitter feeds.  Having done so for quite awhile, they all seem to blend together and/or I get the feeling of "Yeah, I know or knew that."  But every now and then I come upon across an excellent article about retirement that is unusual and insightful.  This is one of them by Joe Hearn with Intentional Retirement.com, and it was published in Next Avenue.org, a service of Twin Cities Public Television and select PBS stations around the country.  (Next Avenue has also published some of my writings as well.)


Entitled Seven Retirement Decisions You Won't Regret, Joe talks about important non-financial decisions that can make the rest of your life better.  Having worked with retirement-focused clients over the past 34 years, I can see that the really happy ones are those that made some of the big decisions Joe mentions.  So what are the seven decisions?  Please read his explanations of them, but in a nutshell they are the decision to:

  1. Decide
  2. "Cut the Branch"
  3. Do Less
  4. Improve your Marriage
  5. Bury the Hatchet
  6. Bet some Chips
  7. Get Healthy



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