I've previously discussed the 2014 Retirement Confidence Survey from theEmployee Benefit Research Institute.  The 2012 Survey was my inspiration for writing this book.   Now we have the 2014 Retirement Readiness Survey results by Aegon, a world-wide financial services company.  In addition to just looking at the United States, this survey looks at the state of retirement readiness in 15 other countries.  This year, the Aegon survey reports that the U.S, ranks fourth out of 15 countries in retirement readiness (a “medium” score, behind India, Brazil and China and ahead of the UK and Germany.  Over half of Americans (51%) think that future retirees will be worse off than those currently in retirement.  One of the key findings is that workplace flexibility will be the watchword of the day, with 56% of the respondents expecting to do some form of work after “retirement.”  For some really cool and informative infographics, be sure to see the diagram with this post and then go to http://www.aegon.com/Home/Investors/News-presentations/Image-Gallery/Retirement-Research-Infographics/ 


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